Increased International Know-How Presence

In just over two months weeks attention will once again be focused entirely on industrial sheet metal, pipe and profile processing in Stuttgart! With the Blechexpo international trade fair for sheet metal processing as an industry event which is meeting with outstanding acceptance all over the world, plus the Schweisstec international trade fair for joining technology as its technical counterpart, two strong information and communication platforms at the economically strong heart of Europe are focussing on concerns covering all aspects of sheet metal, pipe and profile processing.

Thanks to full occupancy of all available exhibition floor space at the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre, an entirely new dimension is shaping up for the trade fair duo – especially in light of the fact that growth in the double-digit percentage range is not only being experienced with overall exhibition floor space amounting to 1,130,000 square feet, but rather with increasing exhibitor internationalism once again as well. At the same time, more and more highly specialised national manufacturers and suppliers are recognising Blechexpo and Schweisstec as a globally established presentation and business meet, for which reason they’ve decided to participate. The collective booth of the Society for Economic and Structural Sponsorship in the Märkischer District (GWS), which has been organised for the first time and is committed to the business location of southern Westphalia, is the best example of this. This region has a longstanding tradition in the field of sheet metal and wire processing, as well as correspondingly oriented tool making and machinery manufacturing for demanding stamping, bending and forming tasks. The GWS collective booth will host 11 exhibitors and will be located in hall 7/9.

Together with numerous other manufacturers of stamping tools and progressive dies, and above all full-line service providers in the field of stamping technology, as well as stampings and subassemblies, strong growth is being registered in this sector. Against this backdrop, the promoters have decided to present this clientele in a further, topic-oriented “stamping technology hall” (halls 7 and 9). Further exhibition segments such as presses and forming technology in hall 8, materials and service as well as pipe and profile processing in hall 4, machines, tools and peripherals in halls 1, 3 and 5, and the Schweisstec trade fair plus the fields of thermal and mechanical joining and fastening technology in hall 6 will be presented to the demanding international expert audience in a similar, technically-specific structured fashion.