Trade fair highlight 05. May 2021


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ALPMAC manufacture stronger frame and parts welding and milling from certified materials in-house, with own design
ts extensive production facility is based in Bursa - Turkey.
ALPMAC presents itself to its customers as a guarantor of
functionality, process reliability, and cost effectiveness.
ALPMAC is committed to the task of providing highest
quality, efficient procedures in manufacturing sheet metal
products, and provides solutions for everyone who works
with sheet metal. In joint elaboration with craftsman’s
businesses and manufacturing companies in the sheet metal
industry, ideal solutions are found and provided for nearly
any problem occurring during manufacturing processes. We
at ALPMAC are dedicated to provide optimized machinery of
maximum economy and flexibility to our customers.
Our strength in innovation is within our in-house design and
engineering capacity that goes along with a high degree of
our broad range of manufacture. Starting with conveniently equipped basic models, our machines can be extended for
optimum results. Whether you require sector-standardized
adaptations or custom solutions – with numerous options
of equipment components, we can fulfil nearly any of our
customers’ requests.
Reliability, stability, innovation and partnerships with
customers, traders and suppliers are the basic values behind
our corporate management style.
In addition to a comprehensive product program, we offer
consultation services in which the company can make its
decades of experience with sheet metal working machines
useful to its customers.
By exclusively using highest-quality components, ALPMAC
is internationally competitive and places emphasis on
quality consciousness as a basic principle. The products of
ALPMAC stand up to highest quality standards and conform
to certifications of the CE Conformity, as well as to safety
regulations of the European Union