LMI srl selects sales managers or distributors in Europe

LMI is specialized since 1990 in the formulation and production of green lubricants for the cold deformation of metals.

Our vegetable oil based lubricants are obtained from natural vegetable esters and are therefore characterized by:
- Renewable sources origin
- Biodegradability
- High Hygienic-sanitary compatibility
- High lubrication and cooling capacity

Our products

Application: Metal stamping for automotive and household appliance industry

Neat lubricants
CB I 20 PB
CB I 40 PB
CB I 100 PB
CB I 180 PB
CB I 300 PB
CB I 32/40 A

LMI srl selects sales managers and distributors in Europe.

The sales manager or distributor will develop the sector in his country, appealing to metal forming industries in household appliances, automotive, thermosanitary, refrigeration and similar sectors.
He will have the task of increasing the current customer portfolio and of retaining new customers thanks to a consultative and continuos sale over time.

THE IDEAL CANDIDATE (agent or distributor):
- He is well integrated in the sectors mentioned and in case of distributor, it has a structure that gives the opportunity to store the products
- He has the experience in selling products to industries
- He has target customers or a solid network of target contacts in his area
- He is aimed to customize customer
- He is organized and independent, used to travel and business trips on a regular basis

Attention: Experience in the sale of lubricants, paints, enamels, automotive spare represents a “plus”

- Direct relationship with the Italian head office
- Prospect customers if available
- Continuos training, support and coaching by technician

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