Sales Agents, worldwide (relevant countries and regions)

Systematic market development through an independent sales agency, which identifies the market in the contract area, builds up the market position and identifies and maintains business opportunities on site.

The aim is to hit the sales goals of machines, aggregates, spare parts and services of TriPURIS in the allocated region.

The AGENT supports TriPURIS by establishing contacts with potential customers, cooperation and distribution partners in the contract area.

As TriPURIS sales representative, AGENT will introduce TriPURIS products into the target markets.

The AGENT supports TriPURIS in the following topics:
• Market data and suitable sales strategies / distribution channels.
• Preparation and mutual realisation of marketing activities.
• Supply and processing of information on specific characteristics of the market and its demands.
• Project acquisition and competitive tendering.
• Translation work (e.g., manuals, internet presence) in an appropriate measure.

The AGEN will receive a satisfactory commission payment for successfully completed orders.

Please contact:
M. Kurt
+49(0) 5205 9911944

Contact Fair

  • M. Kurt
  • Hall 3 – 3408-1

Contact Company

  • TriPURIS GmbH
  • Industriestr. 45
  • 33689 Bielefeld