Blechexpo/Schweisstec 2021: The Entire Process Chain!

Cutting edge technologies for sheet metal processing, metalworking and joining technology will be the focus of the15th Blechexpo international trade fair for sheet metal processing, which will be held together with the 8th Schweisstec international trade fair for joining technology as a proven, traditional double-header in Stuttgart from the 26th through the 29th of October, 2021. Exhibitors will present standalone and system solutions for the entire process chains associated with the fabrication of parts made from sheet metal, profiles and pipe at a world-class, international level.

The Blechexpo/Schweisstec trade fair showcases premium sheet metal processing and metalworking technologies, along with joining technology, once every two years. High booking levels in recent months for the live event in the fall of 2021 underscore just how much the industry sector cherishes the event as a unique, globally recognised marketplace: attention will be focused on standalone and system solutions for the process chains involving the fabrication of parts made from sheet metal, profiles and pipe, as well as associated thermal and mechanical processing, cutting technologies, processing machines, equipment for punching, bending, braking and forming, as well as system peripherals including controls and software, and solutions for handling and quality assurance. With the help of clear-cut process demonstrations at their high-performance machines, tools and systems, the exhibitors will provide a solid basis for concrete decision-making with regard to investment projects planned by the expert visitors.

At the Very Top of the List: Connectivity!

Sheet metal processing companies are faced with the challenge of networking their production departments to an ever greater extent in the future. And thus many suppliers from the fields of sheet metal processing, metalworking and joining technology view themselves as solution providers for the entire sheet metal fabrication process. They not only offer their own machines, software and services – by working together with their partners, they’re able to offer holistic system solutions from a single source. For example Trumpf in Ditzingen, Germany, is taking this approach, confirms Joachim Silber, Head of Corporate Marketing, Sales and Services at Trumpf: “Together with Jungheinrich, we offer intralogistics solutions for sheet metal fabrication. This provides our customers with the advantage of ideally matched solutions.” The issue of connectivity is at the very top of the list for these companies – in terms of process engineering, and digitally too: “Digital connectivity is not just one of today’s key trends, it will shape the future as well. Already today, some of our machines are working with artificial intelligence, and many more will do so in the future,” says Joachim Silber.

Focus on Driving Issues – Advantage Thanks to Synergy Effects

Once again in 2021, the trade fair promoters at P. E. Schall are pursuing their time-tested, strictly practice-oriented trade fair concept. Exhibitors and expert visitors benefit from the synergy effects of the trade fair duo. As is the case in nearly every industry sector, digitalisation, sustainability, process efficiency and future-proof solutions in the face of a rapidly changing production environment are high-priority driving issues for the sheet-metal processing industry too. In particular because great attention is still also focused on energy efficiency, advanced mechanical joining and fastening technologies are also of great interest because production is working to an ever greater extent with new plain and hybrid materials, for example within the context of lightweight design. Modern cutting technologies such as high-pressure waterjet cutting will also be in the spotlight at Blechexpo/Schweisstec. All of the exhibitors from the field of grinding technology will come together in hall 5, where expert visitors will be able to experience all of their new products in a concentrated fashion with minimal legwork.

“Personal contact is especially important for us.”

Due to the fact that all of the process stages in sheet metal processing and metalworking are becoming increasingly networked and automated, consistent digitalisation will be a core issue at Blechexpo/Schweisstec. Exhibitors and expert visitors value the unique and exceptional process competence of the complementary trade fair duo, and the outstanding booking levels verify just how much the exhibitors are looking forward to the live event, as well as direct customer contact within the context of an authentic trade fair atmosphere. This is the case for Trumpf as well: “We’re very much looking forward to personally greeting our customers and other interested parties at trade fairs again very soon – face to face without a monitor screen. Personal contact is especially important for us,” observes Joachim Silber. The Schall project team for Blechexpo/Schweisstec is once again working in a concentrated manner to ensure that exhibitors and expert visitors are provided with best possible conditions for an optimised business exchange.