boeck GmbH

  • Forming technologies, cold/hot
    • Sheet metal deburring machines
  • Surface finishing, electroplating / painting /
    • Brushing
    • Descaling
    • Grinding

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HERO debarring tools with 5x more active abrasive cloth
The deburring and rounding of components must be done in the shortest possible time, at the lowest cost and according to quality requirements. For this, solutions are needed that can follow the quest for extremes. The new HERO product family represents a technological leap in deburring ...more

Deburing & edge-rounding
X-Cut deburring wheels for a directionless finish. Due to angled cut flaps, these deburring wheels not only produce uniform edge-rounding on your sheet metal parts. You can also achieve a directionless finish. ✔️ Available in various grit sizes and editions ✔️ Individual grinding ...more

Deslagging brush
Do not waste time removing slag! With our deslagging brushes, slag removal is easier & faster than with hammer and chisel. A large number of flexible mounted pins knock off the slag. The new red deslagging brushes are used to remove strong & stubborn slag. The hard pins remove slag ...more