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EMKA Mould + Series

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Mould + Series
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EMKA is one of the three largest mould makers in Europe.

One reason for this is that all of EMKA's 30,000 catalogue and special products are tool-related. In its own production
sites, EMKA produces these products from the materials polyamide, zinc, steel, stainless steel and aluminum.
EMKA customers can take advantage of this manufacturing excellence that has been developed over decades. With the
business model "Mould + Series", EMKA offers a unique service package:
Based on the customer's drawing, the mould is designed. The production of the initial sample with this mould takes
place directly at EMKA on site on factory-owned machines from series production. In this way, the mould making and initial
sample production stages are directly coupled with each other. Time and quality losses due to transport and coordination
loops are eliminated. After tool and initial sample approval, the customer receives the complete test documentation as well as all relevant production parameters. If the customer does not want to manufacture his product himself, but wants to outsource it, EMKA can also take over the series production - if necessary with assembly work and worldwide logistics.
"Mould + Series" is mould making and initial sample production from a single source - with optional series production.