Trade fair highlight 31. August 2023

LS7: the new sheet laser cutting system by BLM GROUP

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LS7: the new sheet laser cutting system by BLM GROUP
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Main characteristics of LS7
The LS7 was designed as an entry-level product in the high-end system segment, i.e. a product with
all the features and functionality of a high-end system, but at an attractive price. It has a conventional
aluminium mobile gantry structure actuated by a rack and pinion system, which slides on a very
strong metal structure, filled with polymer concrete to ensure high rigidity even with high
accelerations up to 2G.

Cutting area: The cutting area has been designed to protect the bellows from the glowing sparks
thrown in all directions, especially during piercing. Access is only from the short side and the entire
machine remains completely enclosed for safety reasons related to the fibre laser source. The
cutting process can be viewed by means of a camera, the image of which is visible on the operator
console, on an additional external monitor and also remotely.

Pallet change in 9 seconds: The pallet change takes place on the long side in only 9 seconds
thanks to a smart mechanical solution anticipating the simultaneous exchange of the two tables.
Handling is fully electric, without pneumatic or hydraulic actuators.

Versions: LS7 is available in both 3.000 x 1.500 and 4.000 x 2.000 versions. Additional options
include many loading-unloading automation solutions with one or two towers.

Plug&Play: The system is designed for easy transport. Installation takes just one week, including