Trade fair highlight 11. November 2023

New Energy Motor Core Production Project

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Toggle driven makes the overall operation more efficient, improving the stability and energy saving

LT SERIES Advanced design:

1) Longest Bolster of Toggle-Knuckle Press
2) Patented design: Real-time B.D.C Adjustment System
3) Quick slide lifting


1) Four force points act on the slider:
Avoid using too high too heavy slider, so that the force deformation of the slider is more even,

2) Offset resistance:
Offset overload is better, and the dynamic load parallelism of the overall slide is keeping better.

3) Dynamic balancer to achieve higher SPM:
Whole machine with dynamic balancing structure, which can greatly accelerate speed, and at the same time ensure the movement stability of the mechanism.

4) Casting frame to maintain long term accuracy:
Full cast iron body, without any welding structure, reliable and effective material heat treatment process, guarantee long-term stability and accuracy, is more advantages than conventional press.