19. September 2019

Blechexpo 2019: Growth in every respect!

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Exhibitors and trade visitors have long had the date firmly in their calendars: from November 5 to 8, 2019, the 14th Blechexpo and the 7th Schweisstec in Stuttgart will be all about outstanding process expertise in the processing of sheet metal, tubes and profiles. It is already clear that the two complementary industry events will break some records: The number of exhibitors is heading for 1,500! There was a 15 percent increase in the amount of booth space sold! And the internationality of the exhibitors has also increased: Compared to 2017, there is even a doubling in bookings and reservations from near and far abroad!

New dimensions in November

The trade fair duo Blechexpo / Schweisstec offers a comprehensive range of products and services for the thermal and mechanical processing of sheet metal, tubes and profiles as well as welding, joining and joining technology. The proven trade event takes place every two years and is one of the widely appreciated industry highlights. The trade fair company P. E. Schall with the project manager for Blechexpo and Schweisstec, Georg Knauer, is preparing for new dimensions this year just a few weeks before the start: more exhibitors, more floor space, higher internationality than two years ago!

Records from 2017 to be topped

A total of around 1,500 exhibitors will dominate the trade fair activities around Blechexpo / Schweisstec in nine halls – this is an increase of a good 150 main exhibitors. The 15 percent increase in space corresponds to around one and a quarter more exhibition halls. There is even a doubling of bookings and reservations from near and far abroad compared to 2017; already a year before the fair, technology companies from Italy, China, Turkey and Spain had overtaken the figures from 2017. Now the 2017 records will be topped this year. The reason for the boom is the strictly practice-oriented concept of the trade show double: Blechexpo / Schweisstec covers all relevant topics and trends around the digitalized and automated world of sheet metal and metal processing.

Sheet metal dominates mechanical engineering

Sheet metal as a construction material, together with tubular and profiled materials, is a common alternative to cast iron, structural steel and plastic structures. FEM-optimized lightweight and modular component systems characterize the image of modern, material-, weight- and cost-saving vehicle, machine and apparatus construction. Not least for this reason, the precise cutting, punching and forming of steel, aluminum and non-ferrous metal sheets take on a special status at Blechexpo and Schweisstec. Trade visitors will find solutions and systems for all aspects of pre-machining and finishing, the completion of assemblies and the surface finish of sensitive components. The topics of lightweight construction, design solutions, handling, quality assurance, automation and digitization in sheet metal processing and joining technology will also be covered comprehensively.

Blechexpo expert meeting and knowledge transfer

For a beneficial exchange of ideas, stahlnews.de GmbH & Co. KG is organizing the 4th Stahlnews Experts’ Meeting together with the trade fair organizer on the evening of the first day of the trade fair on November 5, 2019, starting at 6:15 pm. The motto of this event is “The steel industry in times of globalization and Industry 4.0”. Lectures will be given by well-known and internationally recognized industry insiders. It is aimed at professionals from the steel and sheet metal processing industry, operators of steel service centers and steel distributors with their own processing centers. Also on the following day of the fair, other representatives of renowned companies will give short presentations at the Blechexpo Forum. The ZVEI’s Schweisstec Day will take place on November 7, 2019. Trade visitors will receive a comprehensive knowledge update with their participation.