17. November 2022

Blechexpo/Schweisstec 2023: Full House Expected!

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A year before the 16th Blechexpo international trade fair for sheet metal working and the 9th Schweisstec international trade fair for joining technology begin, preparations are already getting underway. Industry players from the fields of sheet metal working and joining technology will once again stage a celebration of cutting-edge technologies in Stuttgart from the 7th through the 10th of November, 2023. Outstanding booking levels confirm overwhelming interest in modern, forward-looking sheet metal working.

“The halls will be full in 2023,” observes Georg Knauer, project manager of the time-tested Blechexpo/Schweisstec trade fair duo. “They’re already as good as fully booked out,” adds Knauer. “Only a few spaces remain.” The trade fair team has structured the current layout of the nine halls for Blechexpo/Schweisstec on a differentiated basis in order to present trade fair issues dealing with the fabrication of parts made from sheet metal, profiles and pipe in a clear-cut, practice-oriented manner. For example, sheet metal, pipe and profile processing will be the thematic focus in halls 1, 3, 5 and 9. Halls 4 and 6 will be devoted to stamping technology. Cutting, joining and fastening technologies will be presented in hall 7. Hall 8 is reserved for pressing and forming technology. Finally, the issues of steel and metal services, as well as surface finishing technology, will be addressed in hall 10.

Clear-Cut Thematic Structure, Direct Business Contacts

Thanks to the thematically focused, practice-oriented format, the international expert audience will be able to plan an efficient visit to the trade fair. Traditionally, Schall’s event concept is based on the staging of pragmatic technical trade fairs with working character. Exhibitors and expert visitors benefit from the well-defined thematic structure and direct practical relevance, as well as the practicability and the synergy effects offered by the trade fair duo. Blechexpo/Schweisstec covers the entire process sequence for sheet metal working. The line-up includes efficient process technologies for modern laser technology, fully automated robotic sheet metal processing machines, precision tools and systems for punching, bending, braking and forming, as well as innovative micro-waterjet cutting technologies.

“It’s noteworthy that many new first-time exhibitors will present their companies at Blechexpo/Schweisstec 2023,” says Georg Knauer. “And it’s also interesting to note that quite a few exhibitors who had interrupted their trade fair activities in recent years are now coming back.” Requests for increased booth floor space were also received in many cases immediately following Blechexpo/Schweisstec 2021. “This can surely be explained by the fact that the value of a live trade fair has since become crystal clear, for which there can be no substitute,” explains the project manager. “The capital goods industry relies on being able to examine machines and processes live and in person at trade fairs. Personal discussion and the opportunity of comparing solutions directly is only available here at this invaluable industry meet.”

“Best Award 2023” – Innovation Award at Blechexpo/Schweisstec

The customarily world-class supplementary programme of the recognised leading trade fair comprising Blechexpo and Schweisstec is currently being fine-tuned. A special highlight will be the presentation of the “best Award 2023” for outstanding innovation at Blechexpo/Schweisstec, which the trade fair promoters will organise for the sixth time together with trade journals Blechnet and MM Maschinenmarkt. The new designation emphasises the competition’s elevated quality status. The organisers have established distinct thematic differentiation amongst the five categories including 1) sheet metal, pipe and profile processing, 2) stamping technologies, 3) cutting, joining and fastening technologies, 4) pressing and forming technologies and 5) steel and metal service, as well as surface technology. Candidates are thus able to choose the most suitable category for presenting their innovations. The “best Award 2023” for outstanding innovation at Blechexpo/Schweisstec will be launched in calendar week 46 (www.maschinenmarkt-awards.de/blechexpo). With its cutting-edge technologies, Blechexpo/Schweisstec impressively reflects the industry sector’s extraordinary performance capabilities. Once every two years, the time-tested trade fair duo presents numerous issues covering all aspects of thermal and mechanical sheet metal processing, along with system peripherals including controllers and software, as well as solutions for handling and quality assurance. Important investments in digitalisation and automation are on the agenda; in particular the challenges of energy efficiency, the conservation of resources, economic efficiency and sustainability are also fuelling new approaches and future-proof technologies which will be showcased at Blechexpo/Schweisstec in Stuttgart from the 7th through the 10th of November, 2023.

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